Bath Bomb - Black Raspberry

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  • Our bath bombs are full of wonderful skin loving oils so you feel fantastically hydrated and not tight and itchy when you get out of the bath. Our Black Raspberry is the velvety embrace of blackberry and raspberry, seamlessly woven together with a creamy touch of vanilla. It's fragrant warmth is filled with the irresistible allure of sweet indulgent treats and will fill your moments with joy. It is one of our best selling scents!! Scented with the safest...... phthalate and paraben free fragrance oil! Bath bombs are wrapped in a biodegradable plastic that allows you to smell the scent through the plastic - no need to unwrap to smell!
  • Weight: 125gr
  • Ingredients * Baking Soda * Citric Acid * Corn Starch * Organic Coconut Oil * Cocoa Butter * Grapeseed Oil * Water * Alcohol * Phthalate free fragrance oil * Pink Clay * Mica 
  • How to Use Drop or hold in bath water.  Watch as the fizzing action comes to life.... the nourishing oils disperse in the water and the wonderful aromas fill the bathroom.
Bath Bomb - Black Raspberry